Expertise combined to experience

Mathias Berlinger, MBA

437, ch. des Pionniers Ouest

Cap St-Ignace, QC

Canada, G0R 1H0

     (418) 246-1871







Mathias Berlinger is above all an entrepreneur who has acquired an impressive background of experience and knowledge over the past thirty years in leading companies in the textile sector. He acquired the company in which he worked, transformed him into a world-class manufacturing entity, and raised it as the Canadian leader in its specialty over the next ten years, while tripling its turnover. His role as president has made him travel through America, Europe and Asia in search of strategic partners as well as new markets. Business relationships with customers, suppliers and investors were part of his daily life.

Analytical, visionary and creative, Mathias also assumed the direction of technological development. His research and work led to a patent on the use of nanotechnologies in textile yarns.