From 1969 to 2007, Bermatex Inc. operated as a world-class Canadian manufacturer specializing in the texturing of synthetic filament yarns. The company invested heavily in the late 1990s to prepare for intense Asian competition, with a focus on automation, flexibility and product development. To achieve its goal, Bermatex installed a research and development center in 2003 which increased its capacity to create more than 250 new products per year, with some breakthrough innovations among those. It has developed a patented technology for the insertion of microcapsules into textile yarns, enabling the storage of molecules with pharmacological, biological or physical properties. In clothing, for instance, features such as repelling mosquitoes, releasing aromas, treating the skin with essential oils or moisturizing creams, conferred unique properties on traditional clothes and offered a whole new perspective on innovative textiles

In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization with retroactive tariffs on imports of goods. As a result, a lot of textile sourcing was relocated to Asian countries and Bermatex lost its main customers, forcing this leader and the last Canadian company in filament texturing to close its doors in 2007.

From the end of its commercial activities, the company's R & D center has evolved into Bermatex Innovation, a new entity that offers expertise and support in the development of textile products of all kinds.